Flu Jab

You’re too polite to post here.

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Yes, I broadly agree and am in the pro vaccine camp for everyone. Appreciate you taking the time jp

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Your repeated comments about what is or isn’t selfish in this thread are completely unhelpful and I expect this terminology is what is winding people up. Plenty of previous posters have said that they did not know they were “supposed” to get the vaccine. That is not selfish, just as your experience of getting the vaccine is not selfless. It is simply your experience. My experience is that the vaccine is not on my radar at all as the NHS messaging states that it is for people other than me.

I know, I’m sorry for being a dick. I just get frustrated that this has never been mentioned to me in all of my 29 years but everyones sneaking off to flu jabs behind my back. It’s more the whole “holier than thou” duh you bunch of pricks we’ve all been getting flu jabs and you’re just a selfish cunt angle that has annoyed me.

The funny thing is, I am fairly sure I should have a flu jab this year to protect a high risk parent.

still haven’t got an answer as to why the nhs isn’t telling me to get it done

not pay for it, not launch a nationwide campaign about it, just like a suggestion on their website

Just for reference:

It’s not even that. They explicitly say not everyone needs one.


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If you’re not in a risk group you don’t need one but it will still be beneficial. And it will be beneficial to others.

Right I’m definitely going to sleep now.

Anyway, I might get a flu jab next week.

Thanks scientists.


(serious question) - What is the benefit of me getting one to protect a high risk person who hasn’t bothered to get theirs done?

you’re helping that person out. and then saving NHS resources to look after the high risk person who may then have serious complications

you’ll be £10 down
you might get sick for a few days
you have to spend 15 minutes in a boots

But they’re not helping themselves out!

There are lots of people who can’t have it done though

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No, but you could argue that about like a million things! It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it if you feel motivated to! It’s not completely altruistic anyway as it could stop you feeling like death for a week as well. Just with added benefits for other people

so i might miss an excuse to take a week off work?

It’s not so much about the people who ‘haven’t bothered’ but using my previous analogy I’d still be happy for my blood to go to someone who ‘hasn’t bothered’ to do it themselves.

It’s more about

  • immunodeficient people
  • people with cancer
  • people who’ve had transplants
  • young/old people who the vaccine might not work as well in
  • people who’ve had the vaccine but for whatever reason it hasn’t worked.

Herd immunity creates a buffer around these people.


still don’t know what this has to do with cows

VACcines started off in cows. Plus the theory was probably modelled in livestock.


Have you missed the vivid descriptions of what flu is actually like in this thread?