Flu jabs

I’ve never had a flu jab… don’t think I’ve ever had the flu, come to think of it. I’m not in any at risk category to get one on the NHS, but Mrs HYG thinks I should get one anyway. Is it worth it?

The one year I had a flu jab, it made me feel absolutely rotten and run down for about 3 weeks afterwards. Wouldn’t do again unless I really had to.

Been slightly ill for a couple of days after getting it in the last two years. Still going to get it this year (can get it at work).

Needed to get one last year in order to come to America. Didn’t catch flu 10/10

But seriously… just risk it. It’s the flu. Yr not 85 years old.

I’ve had proper flu once in my life and it was horrific. The highlight was the hallucination where I thought I was a parsnip.

Immunise me pls.


Yes. The purpose of the seasonal flu vaccination programme is not only to protect yourself, but to provide ‘herd immunity’ to those who do not have the privilege of an effective immune system (babies, elderly, cancer patients, transplantees). In short, you’d be selfish not to.

Laelfy, PhD influenza vaccination


Would you like to write a paper about the time I thought I was a parsnip?

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If you’re not at risk I don’t really see the point other than fulfilling the need every parent in the world has to exhaust every single resource available

^ science


That’s why you’re the office worker and I’m, the er, yes.

I do have a baby in nursery, which I think is why Mrs HYG suggested I get it…

I get one as I work with children. Haven’t had it done this year yet

Look, I’m just more important than you and that’s how it is now, it’s nothing personal, having as kid just makes me better.

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No brainer then

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I for one would demand every father get one
And mother and child
No-one in between

Bit annoying when you’re trying to muddy the waters and someone comes in with a definitive answer tbqh

Had one last year but still got the flu.

However I was trooping round Austria all of February doing school workshops in loads of different schools, so I was just in a soup of child germs shut up inside against the snow, and a large variety of different child germs.

Will probably be the same this winter.

deleted my response because I just repeated what you’d already said.

Best part of a cold is sticking it out, dragging yrself into work no matter what and passing it on to as many of your boring colleagues as poss.


Qualify for a free jab every year through my job. Never had any side effects from it other than a mildly tender arm for a day or so.

It’s really more complications from flu than flu itself you’re trying to protect against.

If your kid is 2+, they’ll qualify for the nasal vaccine & elderly relatives certainly will. I’d just take a judgement call on how many people with weakened immune systems who won’t get the jab themselves you’re likely to be coming into contact with this winter.