Flu jabs

Am I right that if you aren’t in an “at risk” group you can’t get a flu jab at your GP surgery so you have to go to Boots or somewhere?
Thinking I should get one this year because the kid is too young to get immunised himself and so far in his short life we have shared mamy a cold, so if I got flu he would be pretty much guaranteed to catch it from me.

Yeah, I think it’s like a tenner from Boots.

Yeah. Only had 'flu once and it was bonkers. I thought there was a small sphere that was growing in my room to the size of a planet. Didn’t eat for 3 days and eventually dragged myself to a corner shop in Wood Green to buy a can of Lucozade which I drank at a bus stop. Was one of the most delicious things I have ever consumed.


OK I am going to guilt trip you now. Your daughter is too young to have the vaccine (unless she falls into a high risk category where they think it is worth giving), yet flu can be fatal in babies. You could catch flu and pass it on to her- not good. All of her caregivers in nursery will have had it for the same reason. It might not stop you getting flu but it significantly decreases your odds. The flu is apparently hideous this year (something something I half- listened to re Australia.).

Also, sciencey people seem to think they’ve done a good job this year with the four strains. On that note, not everywhere is vaccinating against the quadruple (NHS are only offering triple which omits asian flu), but Boots are- go there. It’s about 12 quid.


Last time I had proper flu I was convinced I’d signed over my right arm to North Korea because I hadn’t read a contract properly at some point, and was worried about how I’d get ownership back.


This is the shit. When people say “I’m not sure if I’ve ever had flu or…” No pal, you had a cold. You’d know if it was flu.


You don’t have to guilt trip me! I sincerely wanted to know if it was a good idea or not - seems like it is. I will get on it.

To be honest, I was also guilty of throwing the term about until I experienced actual 'flu.

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Oh me too. The parsnip incident changed me.

Got it like two years in a row. Felt fine afterward, don’t recall catching a cold those winters, not least the flu. I say go for it.

Don’t they say that a good way to know if it’s flu or not is if you were told there was £100,000 at the bottom of your garden, if you had flu, you wouldn’t want to go and get it.

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I hadn’t heard that, but it rings true: shortly after my gf had convinced me that I wasn’t actually a parsnip, a card game that I’d Kickstartered and hadn’t fucking shut up about for six months got delivered. She handed the package to me. I said “…I’ll open it later.” and tossed it aside.

I think that’s when she started to worry.


The one time I had flu, I was like “I need to eat something” at about 3PM. Think I managed to drag my ass downstairs and make some soup at 10PM.

Fucking hell, i thought flu was just a bad cold that hangs about a bit longer than normal. These stories have got me heading to Boots after work.

Yeah, they base the decision on which strains to vaccinate against in on those which are most prevalent in the southern hemisphere flu season - because it’s the latest indicator they have before beginning the manufacture. This is months ahead of time, so it’s always a bit of a punt.

It’s not really ‘Australian flu’ as the press have latched on to.


I was meant to have mine last week but I had a cold. The surgery will give a free one but I think I’m going to have to pay because their hours don’t work with my teaching hours.

Get one every year and have never thought I was a parsnip.

Hashtag learnscience

I should get it. Wife and boy are getting it. Got the flu about…18 months ago. Was at a wedding when I came down with it. Did the honourable thing and left early, after only 4-5 glasses of wine and after the cheese. Then spent 5 days halucinating in bed. Passed it onto my lad and he was hospitalised with it. IV, oxygen, bit of a nightmare. Remember getting annoyed with my wife for calling out an ambulance for him as was just the flu and then when she finally called they were all “yeah,he needs to go to hospital immediately, good thing you called” and I was like “well don’t listen to me I’ve had the fucking flu mate!”

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I can get mine reimbursed through work but am currently working through a cold now so maybe it’s too late.

Yeah, I’ve heard that and there was 24-48 hours when that was definitely true. I had my phone next to my bed in my room in my scummy house and it took me about… well, I had lost all concept of time… but I reckon around half a day to summon the strength to text my Mum. She was all “Well, sounds bad but what do you want me to do? I live miles away” and I was all “MUM THERE’S A PLANET IN MY ROOM”