Flu jabs

The only time I had the flu my CD player got stuck on a loop of playing one track (A rush and a push and the land is ours) and I was too poorly to get out of bed to stop it and now whenever I hear that track (15 years on) I get a bit lighthearted.

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Um I meant lightheaded and now I can’t find the edit button.

Proper lol.

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In tears on the bus. Fucking amazing.

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I had the flu last and February it was quite unpleasant. About five years ago my GP gave me the flu jab while I was there for some other matter (that will remain unmentioned). I didn’t get a cold let alone the flu that winter. My work has offered for all employees to get the jab and put the cost on expenses so I think I will do it this week.

I’d blame the cheese.

Just to be absolutely 100% clear - the influenza vaccine had nothing to do with you not getting a cold. They’re completely different viruses. If it was true we could’ve cured the common cold by now.

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Pull your finger out laelfy, ffs.

Haven’t worked in vaccines for years. Not my circus, not my monkey.

I can’t because I’m not in an at risk group, it’s £12.99 to get at Boots though.

I don’t know I’m afraid, maybe if you have you a valid reason for needing it like a pre-existing health condition or you know you’ll be in regular contact with a high risk group they’ll just give it to you?

I know that. Different viruses, yes. I’m not one of those 70 year olds who think that you’ll catch a cold if you get your hair wet in the rain. It was just a way of emphasising the point.

There’s actually studies that prove this :joy:

No fucking way? Seriously?!

That’s the trouble with science… One year butter is bad for your health, the next year it’s good for you.

I don’t know what to think any more.

There were studies a couple of years ago where scientists made women prone to cystitis sit with their feet in buckets of cold water. These women had a significantly higher rate of cystitis following it compared to those who did not. The inference being is that getting cold and wet lowers your immune system (for various reasons).

None for free outside the national programme criteria I’m afraid. If I were of looser morals and wanting a free flu jab in England, I would maybe suggest that a less than honest means of obtaining one might be to walk into a pharmacy and telling them that you are a carer for a frail elderly relative (pharmacies provide NHS flu jabs now and carers are within the eligibility criteria). Wouldn’t condone this of course…

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