Flu or cold?

What’s the difference?
See - I don’t think I have flu but I am off work feeling grotty. Cough, snot, stingy eyes, achy joints. But if I had flu I’d be flat out in bed and unable to do anything, including start threads on DiS.

I’ll take cold please

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what flavour lemsip you got?

There’s £1,000 at the bottom of your garden. Reckon you’d be up for going to get it?

Yeah, the TV’s mam says this but with a tenner, not a grand. Either way, reckon I’ve never had the flu.

Inflation, innit.

I don’t usually get out of bed for less that two grand but I reckon I could.
(Just for your FYI: I don’t have a garden)

Then some lucky stranger has got my money.


Night Nurse, Bammers.
I dropped two of the night-time capsules last evening after having a couple of brandies and it totally did me.

If you had flu, even picking up your phone would be too much of an effort.

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And my garden

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tbf I don’t pick up my phone at the best of times. Pisses off my colleagues something rotten

never had that but I’m a big fan of honey & ginger lemsip yes indeed

if you have to ask, its a cold


It was like I’d been coshed. In a good way

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I hope you told work that it was flu. And isn’t that all that really matters here?


I had a viral throat infection last week which is neither a flu or a cold. But it wiped me out for 4 days straight.

flu and cold are 2 completely different illnesses but people feel silly complaining about a cold so they pretend they have the flu instead.


Man flu

I had Flu once. It’s horrible. Whole body ached. Winds me up when people say they have the flu when they’re busy doing something else. What is wrong with people? Don’t they realise if they had the flu they would not be doing anything else? Idiotic fake flu idiots!

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