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Have you ever signed off an email with your initials

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Have you ever tried to make being known by your initials a thing at work

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For question 2, it is a thing anyway to some extent. We all have assigned initials for our document management system.

It tends to be quite posh people who do this I’ve noticed

Not here it isn’t, we even have someone from Essex doing it!

some crowded famous initial combos, aren’t there?

Eg: Mj = Michael Jackson; Michael Jordan; Mary Jane from Spiderman; Magic Johnson…
JV will always be John Virgo and John Virgo alone though.

I met a guy who insisted he be called “JP”.

If you’re reading JP, you were a bit of a prick.

RJ from school - posh

LK from work, posh horse person

You can’t ignore this hard evidence @anon29812515

I have very initially initials.

If he be insisting he be called ‘GB’ you could call him He be GB (hee bee gee bies).

Where’s the joke workshop thread please

I also met a JP

He made a bit of a prat of himself the time I met him

My boss is JP

‘GB’ to me still means ‘georgiabeth’


Do you work in a bike shop (cos the JP I met runs a bike shop)

Yeah, bike taxis

Hmmm. I remember ONE of them at least. Actually… yes I think I recall the other too.

Yours are more cumbersome

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all these JPs

what a shit name to go by

Are they all John Pauls after the pope / 50% of the Beatles ?

Theo, shirley?

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Flush Out, Mate