Fly me to the Moon... or near as possible, please drive

This almost feels like a made up story, but:

I’ve always quite fancied going into space, but I doubt I’d ever be able to afford it short of winning millions on the lottery. Maybe it’ll be possible when I’m in my 90s or something.

I never, ever want to go to space. It looks shit.

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Reckon they should do a raffle for tickets to go visit.

Reckon they’d make their money back and some.

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Would love love LOVE to do it but it’s never gonna be possible for an average joe like me and I’ve made peace with that.

Had a good dream that I was in space recently and that’ll have to do.

It’s lacking in atmosphere, I’ll give you that.

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In the olden days they must have thought air travel was exciting, but it’s the most boring thing, I predict space travel will be boring too

Imagine getting an Easyjet shuttle to Jupiter. 2.5 billion miles with 24 inches of legroom.

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Really like the idea of this. Throw it open to everyone in the World at the equivalent of, say, 10p a ticket so pretty much anyone could have a go.

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