Flying Ant Day 2022 the revenge of the flying ants

Today is flying Ant Day in Plymouth Devon. Is it flying ant day anywhere else yet?

:small_airplane: :ant: :airplane: :ant: Happy Flying Ant Day! :ant: :airplane: :ant: :small_airplane:

Feels like it gets earlier every year! Only a matter of time before it becomes as commercial as the other big holidays, isn’t it?

(No flying ants where I am)


Last week they were visible on weather radar:

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not seen one yet

Got some with little wings underneath the recycling bin. Playing around with eggs and that - not flying just yet sadly.

Not sure if I believe in flying ant day


Remember replying ant day? That was something to believe in


Thought it was last Sunday as they reckoned it was going to coincide with the Euros final

Yep, toddler was picking them up as they drowned in the paddling pool here in Leeds.

Eugh, wish I’d seen this earlier so i could prepare myself. Didn’t expect them in the city centre, especially in really concrete stark places but there they fucking were. They kept landing on me and my tour group, can’t remember them ever being so drawn to humans before. And they even got in my bra at one point. The most cursed day annually.

Just checked my records and Flying Ant Day was on July 17th last year so we can’t be too far away now

Are you looking forward to doing some flying

I’m afraid the only flights I’ll be making will be “flights of fancy” these days!


I hope you have a good time with those

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Saw a speculative ant yesterday, but it’s definitely today in Reading.

Pity the male ant, who must learn how to fly, fuck and die all on the same day.

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Yikes! Imagine being so horny you’d sprout wings only to die

Loads about in central London

Oh my god, theyre everywhere

Are they even DOWN YOUR PANTS? :rofl: