Flying Ant Day 2022 the revenge of the flying ants

Oh fuck

Guess it’ll be a day or two until it hits here


It’s flying Ant day in plymouth today.

I must have been inside on these days whenever they’ve happened

will they cloud the sky? will I hear their approach?

Classic exchange


Everywhere! Fuck OFFFF!

What the fuck are you all talking about? “Flying Ant Day”???

It was Flying Ant Day yesterday

Going anywhere nice?

It was yesterday…

Sorry, hope it went off ok. You see a lot in the news about flights being cancelled don’t you?

Yeah, it seems to be something of a “hot topic” in the travel industry at the moment

Interesting piece of research from the archives, we’re one week earlier than last year however it seemed more regional back in 2021…

haven’t seen a flying ant since childhood but I remember it being really exciting. There’s not much in the natural world that can surprise you in that way!

just imagine if there was a specific part of summer where dogs were flying around everywhere all excited and you you go for a walk and look up and one gives you a friendly bark from the skies.

You’d be like fuck yeah you have a great time up there pal!


Had a few of the cunts making a nuisance of themselves while we were eating dinner.

She’s all over the damn place

Hate to break it to you all but flying ant day is a scam perpetuated by greeting card companies to make money


They were all over the show around my neck of the woods today. Hope they had a nice time because it didn’t seem as if anyone else was

Some were in the garden this afternoon. Not full on attack but…

Its Happening Mtv GIF by Jersey Shore Family Vacation

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