Flying Aubergines

Sorry @Bamnan I don’t think they can I’m afraid.

liked their early EPs


probably true but now that I’ve googled it I really want this stupid guitar



anybody here ever owned a silly instrument? Would like to know!

Could make one yourself from an Encore strat, some sandpaper, and loads of pots of Goblin Green and whatever that Dark Elf purple is.

Bought a five string bass once.

I had a mate who swore by his one, seemed really unwieldy though. Is it the higher string that’s added?

No, the standard way is a low B.

I have enough trouble mixing the bass when I’m playing low on the E string, god knows what the point of a low B is

it does remind me of a shit eldar paint scheme I tried when I was a kid

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I think they’re quite useful in some soul things etc. A lot of five strings have a rubbish low B though, either really weedy or muffled.

stylophone beatbox. useless piece of shite

that sounds wonderfully ridiculous

it does, doesnt it? but its just ridiculous. its got a sample function, so it should work like a really lofi drum machine, but it skips a beat when you sample it so theres no way of making a useful loop with it

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can you do some fun glitchy shitty beats at the end of a track or something? grandaddy style?

maybe. i should dig it out again, sacked it off when i got really frustrated with it. my mate had one as well so i talked to him about the loop thing, thinking mine was faulty, but no it turns out his does the same. its a feature, not a fault

are you meant to start the recording one beat early like a lead in or something? I don’t really get how that’s a feature. Take a soldering iron to it and turn into a fun circuit bent monstrosity!

literally no idea

This makes me want to play Day Of The Tentacle

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yeah it’s very much that isn’t it!

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