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So I have a Flight booked for over 2 weeks time. Flybe contact me to say the time has changed (by an hour) but because it is within 2 hours of the schedule, I can’t get a refund. I could understand this being applied on the day, at the airport, but this is 2 weeks in advance. It’s basically not the flight I wanted. How is this a thing?!1

  • Totally reasonable of them to be able to do this
  • What? That’s totally unreasonable and basically a different product, you should be refunded!
  • Mate…

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It’s always closed for the football, and when it does open it only opens til 11.


Flying berk more like.


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Flying without wigs


  • “fly be”
  • “flibe”

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If you don’t agree with the terms and conditions you shouldn’t have agreed to the terms and conditions


2 weeks seems a bit short notice, if it was 6 weeks or so then fair enough.

Still, not letting you change it/get a refund sounds a bit shit - What if you are connecting to/from another flight and the change means it no longer works.



Means I’m going to have to late Reg for my tourney and be totally off my stride!! I can’t flybelive they have done this to Flyme




It’s shit. Flying is shit for all kinds of reasons like this.

Recall flying on our honeymoon and by the time they opened online checkin we weren’t seated together and we couldn’t get two seats together. Qantas really REALLY grudgingly moved a single passenger for us.

Similar things abound, like my sister-in-law, husband and two kids being allocated two seats together and two seats in random places in the plane. I mean the airline knew two of these were kids yet somehow they just went, “Yeah, that’s fine, right?”

Basically airlines are run by utter fucking wankers.


I had a long-running argument with Thomson about picking our seats for our Honeymoon. Paid like £60 between us to select the seats (it’s either free or a few quid with most airlines ffs) and then when it came to it, they let us pick from about 10 rows in the middle of the plane. Kept emailing/ringing/Facebooking about it and the response was basically ‘Yeah, bit shit really isn’t it, but we’ve got your money now - you can always get to the airport really early and see if you can sort them out at check in’. Finally got it sorted the week before we flew. Tossers.


My experience has been that it’s about £60 per seat per leg, which is fucking pricy when you’re going to Australia, but you did actually get to pick your seats so that’s something I guess.

My main issue with this is they’re no doubt ready to refund you and seat you anywhere if they reckon it’s worth it to them.




read that as you being charged per leg, as in limb


One time I was flying with my wife with unreserved seats and we were streaming from one end of the plane and there people streaming from the other and were about to miss seats and she was faffing, so I just kind of gave her a little push into a pair of seats to secure them, by her falling into them. Was very effective. But the ‘little push’ was not well received . Greater good though


I’m definitely sure they’ll move you readily enough. Probably take a shit load of emails/phone calls for you to get your £60 back though, and then it’ll probably be in the form of Qantas vouchers (to be redeemed within 6 months).


Wife used to do an annoying thing on tubes where she’d be ahead of me and there were two seats together but she sat down on the first one. This meant I had to walk past her to next one and in that time someone coming the other way would nab it.

Probably just didn’t want me to sit next to her, tbh, but I just put it down to bad tube-sitting-in-groups skills.