Flying Lotus 2019

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Not overly into this at the moment. But then I didn’t like Putty Boy Strut at first and it all fell into place when the album came out.

One of the most exciting and creative guys about. Will always have time for anything he puts out there… except his defence of Gaslamp Killer, obviously.

I like this album on first proper listen. Kind of brings more of the earlìer Dilla / beats scene kind of sound to the big ole cosmic jazz fusion whatever scope of You’re Dead.

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Also had me doing my Lord Quas impression at one point

“Come on feet! Cruise for me!”


I’m really liking it.

Find it interesting that he said he feels it’s a bit of a sequel to Cosmogramma but it immediately made me think more of Until The Quiet Comes.


Bring back captain murphy

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it’s a bit all over the place innit


It’s sprawling and eclectic but i don’t think its unfocused - if that’s what you meant by all over the place - Really didn’t think i could be arsed with a 67 minute album these days but because i loved ‘you’re dead’ so much i thought I’d persevere with it. Glad i did as i’m finding it a lot of fun and it’s very addictive.

I thought so too at first listen, made me a bit queasy even, but then when it hits the Tierra Whack track Yellow Belly it all kind of pulled into focus - except that’s not the right word - but it kind of mind sense from there and then I listened to the whole thing twice in a row again and yeah, it’s proper brilliant

the only downside is the strong compulsion to say ‘titties in your face’ at everyone I walk past on the street


That Tierra Whack track is great

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Looks like he’s doing a free show in London tonight?

Got the Captain Murphy mixtape on, absolutely transporting me to 2012 and getting into hip hop and weed for the first time

Forgot that this was one of the few thing Earl did between his first mixtape and the debut also, was pretty hype for that at the time