Flying [Polls]

  • Get there way early and wait around for hours
  • Get there in decent time, wait a little bit
  • Cut it a bit fine
  • Running through the airport arms flailing shouting please dont close the gate!!!

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General airport/security vibe

  • Stressed af :grimacing:
  • little bit on edge
  • OK
  • Zen master

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Actual flying bit

  • Totally fine
  • Little bit on edge
  • Bit claustrophobic/stressed
  • Marge Simpson

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  • Love flying
  • Flying is fine
  • Flying aint great
  • Fuck flying tbqh

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  • Obligatory 9am pint
  • Might have a beer if I’m waiting a bit
  • No booze for me thanks

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Pint and a spoons brekkie

  • Window
  • Middle
  • Aisle

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  • Sleep
  • Read
  • Music
  • Shit films
  • Chat with randoms
  • Stare at the route screen
  • Booze
  • Other

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How u flyin’, hun?

  • Budget
  • Not budget
  • Only first / business will do :dollar:

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  • It’s just like flying in the air
  • Some other description of the experience of flying

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Duty free?

  • Load me up
  • Lol no

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  • First up when called at the gate - can’t let that bag go in the hold
  • Calmly remain seated and let everyone else queue like fools

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Absolutely love watching people have a meltdown when asked to put their bags in the hold


Irritating when you’re planning on getting straight out the airport on the other side tho

Used to be virtually the last person on any given flight until I became an Easyjet Plus Wanker.

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Nobody’s planning on hanging about in the airport tbf

Yeah but if you have a train or summat to catch on the way out…

Flight’s delayed by 2+ hours, you miss your connection

  • Complain til blue in the mouth for compensation
  • Life’s too short

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Sleep/window stare.

Think I’ve got that 7" somewhere.


Awful way to travel that’ll destroy the planet for no reason, but I find the actual act of flying fine (or at least not disturbing).

Get the feeling that these poll results would be drastically different once you’ve actually left the EU