Flying via Iceland


My mother in law is due to fly here in a few weeks and we are considering a connection via Iceland and incelandair. Anyone done it?

Any comments?



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Friends of mine did this in the way back from Canada a few weeks ago. They seemed to enjoy it. :thumbsup:


Did it years ago. 1997 in fact. It was fine.






Do it! I’ve done it a couple of times and it’s pretty nice. Put a bit of time in between the connections and get to the Blue Lagoon!


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I used to like this place.


A friend of mine did this Thought it was great and worked out cheaper for them - but if you’re doing it to save money, bear in mind you won’t want a long layover there as it’s expensive.


See also: Copenhagen


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My uncle lives in Virginia and always connects via Iceland when he flies to The UK - he finds it quite a chilled way of doing the travel and it’s usually cheap.

In related news, had everyone seen those £207 return London to Toronto flights that are currently offering? Bargain…


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Don’t Iceland air have some sort of offer that allows you to stopover in Iceland for a day or two? I’m not sure what the details are though, I can have a look through my emails if you’re interested.


I’d prefer to go via Noseland!!!