A probably overused topic here but lets discuss flying. Ive got such a fear of it. Been on a plane 4 times, pretty smooth flights but I still never want to do it. Absolutely hate the take off and the feeling of being up there. How do you cope/do you enjoy it?

Has anyone been to the doctors for flying and did it help

Used to hate it, but the more I’ve done it, the more meh I am about it now. Still dislike the take off and landing, mind.

Really get annoyed by people who claim being scared of flying is irrational: being scared of being in a thin metal tube powered by very flammable fuel 40,000ft in the air is entirely rational in my view.


See landing I dont mind. Last time i landed I had my headphones and was reading and genuinely didnt notice

my wife hates flying, was able to deal with it for a while but now she gets really anxious about it before hand, hates the flight and then spends most of the time we’re on holiday anxious about having to fly back. tried going business/first/whatever class to see if having more space etc. helped but nope.

so she went to the doctor recently who prescribed her some diazepam to take on the flight, going to give it a go in a month or two as her brother is getting married in Japan in August and she wants to see if she’s going to be able to go. hopefully it’ll be fine.

I find the whole process really tedious. If you could just turn up and get on a plane it would be better, the whole waiting around airports drives me up the wall. As for the flying itself I don’t mind it, although I have slight airsickness so I hate turbulence and landings as that’s when my stomach starts doing the vomit shuffle!

Ah i would be appreciative if you let me know if it does help if thats not too cheeky!

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I have anxiety issues around traveling generally and flying is up there.

Can you identify what specifically is causing this reaction? For me it’s being confined and not being able to leave if I wanted to. That took me a while to figure out, and not knowing what it is that you’re feeling can manifest itself as anxiety symptoms.

The only thing that helps me is being in a good mental state generally. I make sure I’m well-rested, have eaten sensibly (no vindaloo the night before…), am not hungover, etc. If I’m already in a fragile state before getting near the plane, I’m going to have a bad time.

Related to that, I leave loads of time to get to the airport so I’m not stressed about being late.

Once on the plane, I put my earphones in and try to go to sleep immediately. The less time that I’m conscious, the better. If I can’t sleep, I need something easy to read. Nothing tense. Anything to pass the time.

It might be worth getting some beta blockers from the doctor.

Takeoff is fun, landing is fun.
The bit in between when you’re stuck on a massive bus 40,000 feet above the Earth is a bit tedious, especially when it’s cloudy or at night

Why anyone would be worried about soaring several miles above the earth in a metal tube full of flammable liquid, being powered by a couple of massive desk fans is beyond me though…


Usually just get fucking plastered before the flight, which usually calms the nerves somewhat.

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That is exactly it, the lack of control. Im one of those people who just overreacts mentally so last time I was on a plane, spent it all worrying about what if i want to get off, what if i try to etc.

exactly, those hours and hours hanging around are the worst. Don;t want to eat a lot, don’t want to drink alcohol so end up buying expensive water (bad) and a massive book (good)

All the people, food and perfume type smells are properly nauseating as well

You can get that water slightly cheaper if you get a Telegraph, you know…

Hanging around airports is shit though and I hate having to walk through perfume alley - it makes my eyes and nose go all funny. Not sure how it is at other airports, but at Birmingham once you come out of security there is nowhere else to go other than straight into the duty free shop.

Haven’t flown in 7 years, getting a 9 hour flight on Wednesday. Not bothered about being up in the air or w/e, but I absolutely hate being sat down for any length of time. Even if I’m watching summat in the pictures I’m really enjoying, I start shifting around and thinking about I want to walk around around the 90 minute mark. Departure lounges are complete arse as well, but I’ve downloaded Link’s Awakening onto my 3DS so if I can find a coffee shop to plonk myself down in I should be OK.

I absolutely hate it. I’m not actually scared of the flying itself at all, I’m fine with being in a fragile metal tube in the sky and am not worried it’ll fall to the ground. Actually I quite like the flying part. I just really really hate the rest of the experience.

I have a phobia of vomiting and am afraid that someone else on the plane will be unwell and I’ll catch it, or that there’ll be turbulence and I or someone else will get motion sickness.

I also hate the noise, the dry air, the tiny toilets, the heavy handed airport security, the delays, the 4am trip to the airport, and probably loads of other things associated with flying. Looking out of the window and seeing you’re over the alps is quite cool though.

Not if you were only meant to be flying to Paris!


Just find it really boring. Even though I spend a lot of my spare time doing the same things I do when flying. Sitting about. Watching TV, reading, listening to music,eating.
Can’t beat the feeling of landing in a place you’ve never been before or a place you love though.

I really don’t mind flying, and I quite enjoy the whole airport experience (on the way there at least).

I get a bit stressed by shitty Ryanair flights surrounded by people intent on drinking themselves silly, but then who wouldn’t? The couple of times I’ve had nerves over things like turbulence I just tell myself that if we’re gonna crash we’re gonna crash and there’s no point stressing about something out with my control.

Flew with Emirates last year on a 7 hour flight and it was a revelation. Free bar, free food, lovely staff, lots of free films, nice toilets, almost didn’t want to get off!

I get pretty stressed out by general airport bollocks and always get there about three hours early. Running late for a flight is the absolute worst.


There are courses you can go on to make you more comfortable flying. They explain what’s happening, what all the noises, movements etc are, to make you more comfortable.

I think they provide some online information as well.