Foals - 2 LPs in 2019

Two LP’s in 2019 and here’s the first single of the first LP…

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost—Part 1 is out on March 8

UK Tour Dates

06/11 – Manchester, UK @ O2 Victoria Warehouse
06/14 – Tunbridge Wells, UK @ Bedgebury Pinetum
06/15 – Birmingham, UK @ Digbeth Arena
06/18 – Glasgow, UK @ SWG3 Galvanizers Yard
06/20 – Thetford, UK @ Thetford Forest
06/21 – London, UK @ Alexandra Palace

I would class myself as a fan. The last two albums however have followed a similar pattern brilliant comeback singles with slightly underwhelming albums. Unfortunately this single isnt doing much for me on first listen, but who knows it might make for a better album

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Given that I usually like about half of each album, this might give me ten tracks. That said:

‘Now the sea eats the sky
But they say it’s a lie
And there’s no birds left to fly’


lyrics are daft but enjoying this new track. Going to swerve Victoria Warehouse because it still sounds like it’s a bad venue (not been myself but never heard anyone say a good thing about it). Might try out Digbeth Arena instead. My missus is a massive fan so could be a nice night away

The new song is very bad.

As I said in the album hype thread rubbish song. It is so plodding it is unbelievable.

I have only been to the Victoria Warehouse once and found it oddly really claustrophobic. It might have changed since it was 5/6 years but, I found it an odd venue and if we didn’t live in Mediacity at the time an absolute pain to get to and from.

This is so underwhelming.

Stopped listening after Holy Fire (which was mostly good). What’s happened to his voice, he sounded like Kermit at first.

quite amazed this band aren’t viewed with the same contempt that Muse are at this point


Kermit as in the rapper from Shaun Ryder’s post Monday’s project Black Grape, or Kermit as in Miss Piggy’s on-off significant other?

The latter…

Hopefully they’ll play Glasto. Looks on the cards from the tour dates there.
But this song isn’t great on first listen…

Don’t mind this. Bit plodding, but light years away from the silliness of Muse as per above.

Sounds like Tears For Fears

Shouldn’t these lads be Horses by now


I think they’ve saved enough grace with their first three records but the last one sounded like cynical MOR arena indie-pop. It feels like they’re taking a similar trajectory with Biffy Clyro who followed up a commercially successful album with a double record so we’ll see.

Ooof that new song is dull.

That new song is so dull. That said, I’ve think they’ve been dull since the 2nd album onwards.