Foals - 2 LPs in 2019


Imagine my disappointment when I listened to it.


Loving the new track. Looking forward to the album.


Obv nowhere near as good!



This is just as mediocre.


Quite enjoyed them when i saw them in 2005.

Not knowingly heard them since.

Indie points please.


Absolute fucking rubbish


I mean jesus this is really dogshit isn’t it.

Those lyrics are so painful.

They say that Heaven is other people
But the other side is defo evil
Please don’t let there be a sequel
Coz I’m watching all day, all day


Lads, you don’t have to belittle every song or band you don’t like to make yourselves feel better…


V nearly did a post like this when I heard it, but thought given that I did the last I should give it a rest. You could pick literally any lyric from this song and wince…


Ha yes. I think they used to be better than this - feels like they’ve dumbed down or something. Oh well!


That’s clearly not what is happening here though is it?


I must admit I find their lyrics and ‘we’re here to SAVE rock’ posturing funny but I know that’s really annoying and will try to stop. I sincerely listen to them every time hoping they’re gonna finally crack it (for me).

But I love people loving music - sorry.


It is absolutely hilarious


this is legit worse than those Kasabian lyrics. at least those were funny.


And I think it’s the ham-fisted attempt to grab the zeitgeist that makes it so funny (plus the rhyme scheme).

The last song is all about how the world’s upside down, ‘the sea eats the sky, but they say it’s a lie’.

And this one actually mentions Trump. The albums could actually be really funny.

Don’t hate the music as much as others. It’s pretty standard, but without the shallowest man in rock singing over it, it might be ok.



this is the worst take I’ve ever seen


The correct take as with everything to do with this album is meh.


yeah well that is traditionally what “the birds are singing” means in all circumstances, so…