Foals - 2 LPs in 2019


This is ace, love the change of pace


Ooh yeah this is great.


“Sunday” is really dreamy.

they’re hitting .666 now, 2 for 3.


Jeremy from Everything Everything is helping them out.


Love Jeremy, can’t wait to see them on tour now. I was worried when the bassist left because messing with the rhythm section can cause problems but not a bad replacement.


Nice replacement!


Sunday is definitely the best of the new singles


Quite enjoying this


Was just about to post that, very enjoyable




Theyve only gone and done it, really like this one


This bangs, could be my favourite since Total Life Forever


This is probably the biggest difference in anticipation pre-release/reception post-release for an album here since Arctic Monkeys last year


Wasn’t going to buy this after the last one. Except everyone has been talking about it being good so I have. Going in…



Literally just started listening and In Degrees is silly good.

Does this mean that Yannis has played the blinder before Jeremy Corbyn?


Yannis is the original Absolute Boy


Enjoying this album way more than I expected to.


Well this is a pleasant surprise. An all too rare occurrence.



Am I got to have to change my position on this album? Am I now going to buy the deluxe version of this album?

Yes the answer is always yes.


Can’t stop listening to this

The singles sound a lot better too now the whole album is out for some reason, especially On the Luna

And there’s still part 2 to come!