Foals - 2 LPs in 2019


A lot of the lyrics hitting home for me too:

“But they got exits covered
All the exits underground
I wish I could figure it out
But the world’s upside down”

“'Cause time away from me is what I need
To clear my sight and clear my head”

“I’m done with the world and it’s done with me
All I wanna do is get up and leave”


last 3 mins of Syrups is gold.

These guys are incredibly consistent. Almost unmatched within the last decade.

Part 2 comes out in September.


What do you like about this lyrics?


I’m going through a rough time and just can kind of relate


Ah ok, hope things are better soon and glad you’re enjoying the album, bud


If the second of the two albums coming in the autumn is as good as this they’re in for a huge couple of years


I enjoyed this although I enjoyed the singles too. I don’t tend to notice lyrics much so that might be it, although I find a whole album can wear a bit with Foals.

The final track is fucking turgid, though.


For me this is every Foals album - a nice enough sound, two or three good songs, but all of it workmanlike or straining toward something it never quite reaches. This time, with the disastrous addition of clunking faux-deep zeitgeist lyrics.

It’s annoying because it sounds like they were genuinely worked up - and I think if they’d put the effort of the double album into ten songs (and got critical) they might have had something.

Love that people are loving it, though. I have a feeling that a lot of this stuff would be drunken fun live - and maybe this will be the thing that takes them to true headliner status. Honestly, I think they’re lacking an absolute smash single, though.


Lacking a smash hit in general or just from this album?


My biggest problem with recent Foals records is the vocals, just way too much of it covering what is going on underneath and way too many ‘whoaaaa ooooohs’ just feels lazy melodies. It’s exactly the same for this record, its just okay I guess.


If I haven’t liked anything since Total Life Forever will I get anything from this one?


I think so, but maybe check it out on a streaming service first.


I think the Wah-oh-oh-oh bit is ‘the hook’ from the single for me


I definitely think it’s the most similar sounding to TLF so you probably would.


From this album. I think one undeniable RU MINE moment plus this album and the next one would do it. For me that song just isn’t here.


True - and my same complaint with Interpol 2.0. Banks on Banks on Banks. No…


Hmm, I’m not sure. ‘In Degrees’ has Radio 1 A List written all over it. They’d be fools not to put that out as a single.


I keep thinking James Acaster has joined the band whenever I see their new promo pics.


Really is so good


I’m pretty sure the percussionist is Mr Larson from Happy Gilmore…