Foals - 2 LPs in 2019


You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

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I like this, but then I do have a soft spot for 'em despite the somewhat simplistic lyrical approach. Very warmly produced and consistent. Looking forward to volume 2


I think I figured out why I was so sniffy about this to begin with I can’t quite put my finger on it but, that first video really annoyed me and I haven’t a clue why.


I was wondering if I would get bored of this after a week, but still listening through the new album at least once a day. Definitely been a big surprise, even though I have really liked all their albums in the past ‘Exits’ had made me quite wary about the album. The run of tracks from White Onions to Sunday is :+1:


Really great most if this yeah no doubt.

Seems this fad of putting 2 albums out as part of the same campaign/era means bands are just putting the half-finished doodly ones that would have been B sides, on the albums instead. The number of songs across 2 albums released in the same year is about the same as you’d have had for say the number across an album and 3-or-4 singles in the 90s or whatever.

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it’s interesting

i wonder if - purely from a money making point of view - it’s better for bands to put out more material including the filler or if it’s better to put out very little

i’d guess that on streaming services it’s better to have loads of stuff available just in case people decide to listen to everything

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Wasn’t this argument made when Drake released More Life.

It became more noticeable that artists were releasing longer albums.

This was the argument about why Earl released such a short album as a response to these bigger tracklistings.

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It’s better from a streaming point of view (more songs = more plays = more likely to get on key playlists), but it’s also great for their touring lifespan. They’ve got one sold out tour lined up this spring, will inevitably do an arena tour later in the year, and then after the second album gives them another boost in the winter they’ll get big cheques to headline festivals next summer.


yeah i think you’ve nailed it there


Just found this from the same set. Really like the live version of Exits.

Seeing them later in the week doing an album play through in Leeds.