Foals - 2 LPs in 2019


You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?


I like this, but then I do have a soft spot for 'em despite the somewhat simplistic lyrical approach. Very warmly produced and consistent. Looking forward to volume 2


I think I figured out why I was so sniffy about this to begin with I can’t quite put my finger on it but, that first video really annoyed me and I haven’t a clue why.


I was wondering if I would get bored of this after a week, but still listening through the new album at least once a day. Definitely been a big surprise, even though I have really liked all their albums in the past ‘Exits’ had made me quite wary about the album. The run of tracks from White Onions to Sunday is :+1:


Really great most if this yeah no doubt.

Seems this fad of putting 2 albums out as part of the same campaign/era means bands are just putting the half-finished doodly ones that would have been B sides, on the albums instead. The number of songs across 2 albums released in the same year is about the same as you’d have had for say the number across an album and 3-or-4 singles in the 90s or whatever.