Might go here tomorrow for lunch and a mooch, anything worth doing in particular?

We went there once on a Sunday and stayed in a hotel that stunk of ciggies. Almost everywhere was closed but found a decent bar and drank wine then took one back to the room except never had a corkscrew so we asked the fella on reception and he never had one either but disappeared with it then returned with it uncorked. Was good. Hope that helps.


Go for a wander around one of the routes of public artworks. They have a really well funded art festival every 3 years, and a lot of the works end up as permanent exhibits.

There is a really lovely new indie bookshop on Tontine St, and quite a few nice quirky shops and cafes around the Creative Quarter area.

The Harbour arm area and the Leas are nice for a wander around as well if the weather is ok.

Doing one of the art walks will probably take you around those sort of places anyway.


Go Rochester instead

But if you want the sea go Whitstable instead


Or if you want somewhere else beginning with f go fsversham (good pubs and cute)

Forgot to say instead instead

Quite like Folkestone for a day out - nice and easy. Go to the park by the train station (Kingsnorth Gardens), walk along the beach, go to the old high street. Job done. Plenty of independent food and drink places around ^those places :+1:


Love Folkestone. Shops on the Old High St are great. Nice walk around the harbour too. Good pubs and indie food places.


Only half an hour on the train to France…

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I went to Folkestone in September and loved it.
Walk around the big park, the old high street was nice and I wasn’t expecting that, there is a really nice coffee shop on the old High Street.

Quite a good board game shop if you like that kind of thing. Walked around the harbour and pebble beach, had fish and chips in a nice pub in the harbour.

The old Folkestone train station was nice to walk around too up to the lighthouse.


Love a day or in folkestone it’s really come up in the world in the past few years.

Most exciting addition is a new independent queer/anarchist bookshop which is just lovely, really nice community space, highly recommended.


Don’t know how much fun it is on a cold Sunday but in warmer times i love walking out along the harbour. Lots of nice food stands/ huts doing all kinds of food. Lots of great places for breaking an outdoors bite by the old train station by the sea front as well.

Oh and there’s a great beer shop too.


Went here and it was great! Lovely space full of great people, real community feeling. Also enjoyed this display

Had a nice time in Folkestone - lots of cute lil vintage places, nice walk on the harbour and excellent fish n chips at the Harbour Inn.

Will def go back in spring/summer for all those places on the harbour.


They really do a great fish and chips.

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DiS outing to Folkestone in the summer then :smile:


Hell yes!

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Oh, much too late

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Friend of mine just posted some pics from the new indoor skatepark which I was not aware of but looks mint…