Folks who have been to Japan

Do you have any recommendations for places to visit outside of Tokyo that aren’t Kyoto/Osaka?

Lucky bugger here is heading there at the end of April, doing a stint in Tokyo and a couple of days in Hiroshima/Miyajima. Have 3 days left to play with, will have the old JR pass to get around and would like to go somewhere I didn’t visit last time. Have been looking at the Nagano area but it looks pretty massive with sites pretty spread out.

Recommendations are most welcome.

Cheers lads.


About to go early Friday morning with a JR Pass. I got recommended a few places:

Naoshima- island full of art museums

Okunoshima- island full of rabbits

Nara- old town near Kyoto/Osaka full of deer

Kobe- city near Osaka full of art stuff

Here’s my itinerary
Fri 10/Sat 11 March- Fly to Osaka
12-15 March- Tokyo including Ghibli Museum
16-20 March- Kyoto + day trip to Kobe
21st March- Naoshima
22nd March- Onomichi- for rabbit island
23-24 March- Hiroshima & Miyajima
25 March- Nara
26 March- Osaka
27 March- fly home

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I really liked Nagano, but to get around you’ll need to rely on the bus system which can be a bit complex if you don’t read Japanese. Was only there for a day, but Zenko-ji Temple is awesome, and there’s some really cool mountaintop shrines way off the tourist track.

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