(Following on from Antpoc's thread) When was the last time you visited your HOME Town 🏡


That is, when did you last stop (not pass through) in the town (village, hamlet, city, urban conurbation, cave, manger etc) in which you were born (or lived the earliest part of your life in if you were born in a hospital in a neighbouring town etc)?

26 years for me Clive



three weeks ago!


Town: Saturday November 26th 2016

Village? :wink: Saturday November 29th 2014


Yesterday, went back for a funeral. I’ve still got family and close friends there, so am generally there once or twice a month anyway.


I mean I still live in Oslo, but I grew up kind of on the outskirts whereas now I live in the city centre-ish. Childhood home was sold last year so haven’t been back there since then, however I have realtive who live in a different area which is close by and I was there YESTERDAY. Hope this is detailed enough for you.


The other day to get my Barnet cut. Which was ironic as that’s my home town.

Is that ironic? Whatever it felt like 10,000 Spoons when all I needed was a knife.


The weekend of 3-4 December 2016.


Good answer


Couple weeks ago, no one on here will have been there before either but I have beef with antpoc so not posting in his thread


The 11th of July 2016.

I don’t go home often. My parents tend to visit Cork a lot so I see them then. I do go home to see my Nan but I haven’t seen her in too long now. Next week!


Side note. I went to Helsinki recently. Have you been? Is it similar to Oslo or is that just a blanket stereotype? It was big and quiet and clean and beautiful and the weather was crisp and everyone spoke amazing English and loved ice hockey.

Also: Hartwall’s Original Long Drink.


Scissors :scissors:️ mate
You don’t cut hair with a knife
Do you comb it with a fork?
No, exactly


Oh dear! What is your beef? (Feel free to put it in spoiler tags so nobody else can chime in on it, I’d really like to get to the bottom of this and move on as a strong, cohesive community unit)


Just find you so difficult.


Doncaster: 1 year
Jersey: 10 years
Ryde: 3 years


…and your views on Ghosts


This is very saddening to learn, if there is any way I can rebuild our relationship please, please let me know


Admit All Ghost are real


Wait… you’re triplets?


I have been! I did think there were some similarities, but I was there for a film festival so didn’t really experience that much of the actual city life. Don’t think that ice hockey is a huge deal here but to make up for it everyone is fucking mental about (professional) skiing. You should give Oslo a try sometime!