Fontaines D.C

It didn’t sound slowed down to me but he was singing it in a harsher register - not as softly as on the recording - so it didn’t really work as well.

Good live band. Better than I was expecting

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That was better than Leeds night one. Not least cos we got Television Screens and Roy’s Tune. Crowd were even more “lively” than Tuesday.

Think we got big as a thanks for being a good crowd, other encores have been 2 songs by the looks

Yeah, they even cracked a smile on occasions (Grian, Carlos). Seemed to be enjoying it more than on Tuesday. Seen them a few times - tonight was up there.

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First time seeing them. Really good live band. No chat which is fine with me. So many singing along, they’ll be 9n arenas next time around surely.

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stuck on Dogrel this morning, think it sounds better in retrospect now that I know what they’d go onto do, when at the time I could only hear the more leaden 00s indie parts

Television Screens was always a stunner though

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I still think it’s their best album so far

On the bus home from Rock City, they were awesome tonight, the crowd was bonkers - not seen moshing & crowd surfing like that since seeing Run The Jewels in Manchester in the before times.


I’ve got a spare ticket to see them tonight, free of charge. It is paper so you’d have to meet me irl to get it.