Been a while, yeah? Certainly not on the new forums.

So what fonts are you currently rocking? I’ve found a new fave for long form writing destined for print. Was always a palatino boy, but have recently discovered avenir next (medium). Really enjoying the change of pace, and the name resonates with me for professional reasons. My only complaint’s that the italicised ampersand doesn’t take the form of a crossed epsilon.

I remain a reluctant arial user for web-based writing.

Hit me with your font love below.

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  • Holy Water
  • Jose
  • River
  • Other

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all knowledge/wisdom?

(full disclosure: I have never watched this movie, just this scene)

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looking for a new font to use for my drawing dimensions, been giving century gothic a whirl

results so far = fine

using fonts for drawing dimensions? care to elaborate?

no thank you.


depends on what I’m doing

For that clean, modern, pirate-on-the-go feel.