Foo Fighters


Saturday night Glastonbury headliners.

I wouldn’t call myself a fan per se, but usually come Saturday night at Glastonbury, all I want to do is get drunk and listen to something undemanding and fun. Foo Fighters fit the bill perfectly!

I wonder how the lovely people of DiS feel about this band? I bet there’s all kinds of opinions out there! So let’s opine together.


Utter toss. Grohl’s a berk


Actually he’s the nicest man in rock. Show some damn respect


Isn’t it common knowledge now that he’s an anti-vaxxer, climate change denier and scientologist? Probably involved in Kurt Cobain’s murder as well.




Boggles my mind that he was a part of the two Nirvana albums


THE :clap: NICEST :clap: GUY :clap: IN :clap: ROCK


Shortly before his death a journalist asked dave grohl how it felt to be the nicest guy in rock. Without hesitation he replied ‘I wouldn’t know, you’ll have to ask Paul Scholes’


Truly awful band


Everlong’s still a banger, mind


That they have a bunch of amazing and fun songs is undeniable, as is the fact that they’re also now very bad and DG can totally do one.


I really really like the first two records. Probably not a shit track between them.


Hey, Johnny Park! is better though isn’t it.


My hero’s proper shit. Loads of others probably are. Handful of bangers though aye


Actually I don’t like Walking After You.


Bit harsh, my bums one of my best features


Not proud of this post


something about your farts?


Good Grief is my favourite Foo Fighters song.


Not good, but the main stage headliners usually aren’t. Means you can go and enjoy something really good on a smaller stage.


Big Me?