Food and drink you've eaten in the place that it comes from? (Apologies if this has been done)

Have you had bolognese sauce in Bologna?

Eaten Wensleydale in Wensleydale, drunk Champagne in Halifax? etc etc

Surprisingly not the same thread idea but dead right for this one.

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Bourneville in bourneville

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McDonalds in McDonalds


Water from stream


Had some Philadelphia when I was in New York (yeah that’s right, look it up).

Tennent’s in the Tennent’s brewery


I had ham and pineapple pizza in Honolulu

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Nearly every weekday I drink a pint of beer in a brewery.

Eaten Gouda in Gouda, obviously

Gouda is not made in Gouda, but it is where historically the farmers from surrounding areas sold their cheese.

Failed to have any Swiss roll that time I went to Switzerland though

Neapolitan pizza in Naples.

Oh yeah, and when I was in Denmark, they had Danish pastries for breakfast. Best holiday breakfast ever

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Devon pasty, Devon pie, Devon cream tea, in Devon, obviously


Hamster Jam in Amsterdam

Vienetta in Vienna

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The missus went to Capri a few years back, and refused to even entertain the idea of a) hiring a ford Capri, or b) drinking a Capri Sun, not even for a comedy photo


Eccles cake in Eccles. Manchester Tart in Manchester. Fish and Chips in Oldham


Where is her sense of humour?

Bath chaps in Bath.