Food bins

Do you have a food waste bin? I do, and I hate it. This sad grey box that sits in my kitchen, and gradually fills up with mushed up Cheerios, coffee grounds and banana skins. Every time I take the bag out to the disgusting main food bin outside, the kitchen bin is gross - even if I double-bag it and line it with kitchen roll, it always gets somehow sweaty and disgusting, attracting fruit flies and god knows what else. Am I doing something wrong? I want to rid myself of this horror.


Just eat those things. Banana skins are surprisingly tasty

put it under the sink and forget about it

i empty ours when it’s about half full which helps with the grossness

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yeah this.

stopped using it because it’s such a fucking ballache to deal with. the special biodegradable bags always burst and i get mouldy shitey food everywhere

not worth the hassle. fuck the planet.


smelling my hands

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Have an outdoor one. Pay someone to clean it every couple of months. It’s fine

Throw food waste out every evening: wrap it up in newspaper then chuck it in the outdoor bin.

I shouldn’t have to wash it out! I don’t wash my main bin out! I don’t wash my recycling bin (just a bag, really) out! Why does this fucker think it deserves special treatment?

Our outside one became quite the maggot factory last summer, not having to clean it out was the best coin toss I’ve ever won.

Overall a good thing though, we’re down to one bag of landfill a month because of ours.

because it’s a food bin and it’s gross if you don’t?

You got a garden hyggers? Get yourself some kind of composting mulcher thing?

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Got a Brabantia one because I’m a baller.

I do not. If only I could chuck it out of the window with gleeful abandon!

In that case I would encourage you to flytip.

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the best bit is after i’ve fucked about cleaning up everything that’s burst everywhere and tied it back up using about four of the expensive special bags i go to fling it into the big compost bin outside and it’s already half full with any old shit people could cram in there so the council aren’t even going to take it so what’s the fucking point

winds me up

Do your councils collect food waste separately or do you just throw this in your general waste bins?

If you have the space get a compost bin, then at least u get the pay off of amazing soil ( I know u cant put meat in it ect )

supposed to collect it separately but our communal bin system is like the wild west

I put a piece of cardboard in the bottom of the bin (which goes into the outside bin too) and don’t bother with a bag. Works ok, but yeah they ain’t nice

Food, main waste and recycling are all separate. Can never remember what the pattern is, just put stuff in the bins downstairs whenever needed (they’re never full)

in my flat i have separate bins for paper / cans / plastics but then they all get thrown into the same recycling bin outside. so why do i do this? don’t know.