Food courts

Weird things aren’t they? Shouldn’t be though, just a bunch of chairs.

Have you ever bought food from one place, and then eaten it on the chairs nearest to a different place? Somehow feels like a dick move, yet it really isn’t.

Always get the shittest chains in food courts. Guilty!

fucking love a food court, me.


Depends. Most new ones in London are usually full of independents and street food places these days.

Really like buying food from a different establishment to my companion(s) then eating them on a shared table


Sometimes I get my breakfast and a coffee from a place in Euston station’s upstairs food court and I eat it on the external seating of a place I didn’t buy it from.

I don’t think you can call them “food courts”

food courts make me really miss Sbarro

I’d certainly call the one on the top floor of Westfield Stratford a food court.


hot wok express



I like em. The one in the Leeds shopping centre and Nottingham Victoria centre are decent

That’s not a food court.
The downstairs one is a food court.

my mate worked in woking spudulike for years when we were at college. never, ever lived it down. who the fuck was paying £3+ for a baked potato in 2005

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Which part? The places making the food or the exposed chairs between them?

There are quite a few of these in Stockholm. There is a great one in the middle of a shopping centre where Michelin starred chefs have food places that do v different things…like hot dogs, good burgers, pizzas etc. Flipping lush m8s.

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garlic bread there was :ok_hand: tho

Marckee is the defendant in food court court, prosecutor desk is giving opening arguments

I’m unsure of the lines of demarcation with regards to a ‘food court’.

Is that Time Out one in Lisbon a food court or is it an indoor food market?

Would be good if the burger King chairs were plastic thrones


That’s an indoor food market

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