Food fights

Don’t actually happen outside of shit American films where they want to artificially create playful chemistry between two characters.

  • I have taken part in a food fight before
  • I have started a food fight before
  • I cannot remember for sure whether or not I’ve been involved in a food fight before.
  • I have not been involved in a food fight before, but know some non-Americans who have.
  • I have not been involved in a food fight before, not know any non-Americans who have.

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What’s that place they throw tomatoes at each other? Somewhere in Spain or Italy, maybe?

I see food and I fight it!


Yeah, let’s have an organised annual festival where we throw food at each other

Tomato festivals pain

I usually skip to the sploshing.

  • Sploshing is something that turns me on
  • Sploshing is something that I am indifferent to
  • Sploshing is something that turns me off

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That’s disappointing, for some reason I just assumed you turned up with a bag of toms, not that you had to buy a ticket.

Big Joanie and Self Esteem confirmed so far

Might start up a rival free tomato fight festival in the local park or something. Free entry, wear something you don’t mind getting wrecked, no tins.

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Bag of toms with the lads


Can’t think of anything worse

I remember being around 17 years old and at some big Christmas meal in a function room of a restaurant, and people taking part in a food fight. Felt like shitty behaviour even to my 17-year-old mind.

Maybe as a small child but certainly not as an adult. Wasteful and wrong, just punch each other instead

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I remember a bunch of students trying to start a food fight when I was in halls of residence as a fresher. Only lasted a few minutes and they all got dragged outside and got a right telling off

Had a friend at school who used to have “stick fights” with the other kids down his road. Think they used to all throw twigs at each other