Food from History

Stuff like…

Apparently ketchup originated in Ancient Rome and was kind of a very salty fish sauce. not sure if that’s just where the word comes from or whether the actual thing we call ketchup can be traced directly back to that.

Henry VIII I think had some ambition to eat every animal that existed or something. Not sure how far he got with that.

They used to do that section in bake off where they’d go and eat something from olden days but that time is taken up by adverts now.

Lets chat food from history.


Weren’t turtles almost eaten into extinction at one point? Think I saw it on QI

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yeah probably.



anyone know anything about the history of whisky.

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‘Let them eat cake’ a famous food phrase from history


Lobsters used to be served as prison food because they were so cheap and plentiful.

This is some Qi bullshit isn’t it I hate myself.

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oh yeah I actually think I know something about that. like I think it’s a mistranslation or a misunderstanding and “cake” actually refers to a type of bread or something

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The curry I made and ate last night is now history


still freaks my nut out to this day that no-one in Asia had ever seen a chili pepper until the 16th or 17th century.

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Just threw this out



Whisky means water.

Invented by monks who basically copied the processes used by moorish (I think) perfume makers.

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did you pour it down the sink or is the whole thing in the bin

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thanks I didn’t know that. when was this? got anything else?

About 3/4 pint went down my :toilet:

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Funny, I sometimes say 'this whisky is very Moorish"


Thank you for supporting our dedicated dairy farmers

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For a long long time Scotch was the poorer cousin of Irish whiskey in terms of popularity and reputation.

This changed when the Scots adopted more streamlined (and cheaper) distilling methods and then also about half the people in Ireland died or left the country.

i always knew he and Sufjan had a lot in common

I try my best xoxox :cow2:

Was Whisky ever a food in history?

Probably not IMHO.