Food from History

and that’s the power of #historyweek

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wouldn’t mind knowing some more shit about the history of farm animals. like i know the modern battery chicken has only really existed since the 50s. I wonder what cows and sheep were like thousands of years ago, and what the animals that they grew out of were like.

oh no is it the tonic that has the quinine in it?


If you go to the John Soane museum in London you can see loads of Hogarths engravings like his gin ones, in not a massive fan of them though tbh

In the old days there weren’t enough humans to eat all the food, but as none of the people who were clever enough to design real weapons like guns, had been born yet, they used all the food that was past its best before date as weapons instead.

In the olden days Heston Blumenthal used to just make a nice cheese and pickle sandwich sometimes


Is this what @HotBeefTrauma’s username is based on?


love going to dead old places and the doorways are all dead small.

edit: food.

Reckon they were put of baguettes and she suggested they eat some other kind if bread. RIOTS!

I support the people’s riot of the Republic of France

I shudder when I remember that medieval pies wouldn’t have edible pastry, it was just a vessel to hold the filling. I mean, come the fuck on guys. It’s a pie. The clue’s in the name.

On the plus side, love it when medieval recipes are full of mad shit like galangal, because garlic hadn’t been invented yet or w/e.

Find stuff like this quite interesting. Not sure if it counts as food from history though.


this is perfect content for the thread, thank you

(bit too well evidenced tho)

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Makes sense, they just plucked them out of the water. They are a delicacy now but if all you ate for dinner was a pile of oysters you’d get sick of them rapidly.

Saw this outside a pub once years ago and thought it was lol, although has a bit of a gin o’ clockness to it. hmm

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I watch a lot of Food Network and they always have old Hairy Bikers episodes which regularly feature some food historian who shows how ye olde food used to be cooked on a spit and stuff. Really quality.

Also a big fan of the whole Back in Time for Tea series.

This legend


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Henry the Cheeky

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Brioche I think?