Food halls

meant to start a thread on this the other day but the time wasn’t right

anyone got any opinions on them or anything they want to get off their chest?

the one in glasgow, Platform, was very very good at the weekend.

the one we went to with @Unlucky @japes @cutthelights and a raft of other cool kids last year felt more cynical.

In my opinion, there is no food from a “street” in the United Kingdom that can compare with food from “indoors”


Not got an opinion about them but that first paragraph in the article makes me cross.

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How about a strawberry from a pick your own?

I’m still a supporter of all restaurants being shut down forever. No more restaurants.


I prefer strawberry flavoured things to actual strawberries

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Fucking typical


Like most things, much better in other countries.

The Time Out one in Lisbon is banging, and went to a great one in Budapest. Madrid has a couple good ones too.

markthal in rotterdam is good cos of all the free samples, can easily eat a meals worth of food there without paying anything

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I read the first bit and then stopped. Millionaire landlords own fucking everything in city centers, what do you want me to do about that?

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The beer is good in the Mackie Mayor. Got to be honest the ones in Manchester are alright. Don’t think we have reached saturation point in town yet although street food It really isn’t, I’m guessing these markets are mainly what is being mentioned.

The idea of them getting one in Stalyvegas to cure all the problems that place has had is a bit of a stretch.

that could be anywhere

It’s in rotterdam


Seems like a weird thing to get angry about. From what a can tell in a lot of instances it’s giving people from poorer backgrounds the opportunity to get started in a restaurant business that they would otherwise never have gotten. It gives the consumer more choice and an opportunity to try new things.


Here’s the Dairylea Street Food


Damn straight the Laughing Cow wouldn’t get up to this shite!


never been to one in Europe.
the ones in malaysia are kisses finger tips

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has anyone started selling street cereal yet?

no one steal that idea it’s mine


You know where’s a good food hall? Upstairs at the Whole Foods in Kensington. Surprisingly good value, loads of options, nice and quiet. Top tip there if you’re ever visiting the museums.

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You need a hall and then each stall sells a different type of cereal.

Maybe you just pay for a bowl when you go in (£16.95) and milk is provided.