Food halls

my towns supposed to be getting one. sites been empty for two years.

Also the writer gets annoyed about how expensive it is without wondering why other fast food is so cheap. Properly compensated labour and decent ingredients cost money.

To prove your point, there’s a great place in Leeds called Manjit’s Kitchen that was originally one woman selling veg curries out of a horse box, then she got a stall in the market flinging out tons of the stuff, and now she’s got her own restaurant off the back of all that.


They’re building one of the shipping containers in Barry atm. It’s across from a successful restaurant that grew from a street food stall and a cafe that regularly hosts street food vans that seem to do alright but it seems like a bit of a stretch to have a whole food hall here. And the shipping container thing seems handy in places where space is a premium but this is a new build out in an area with space to burn. Feels a bit ridiculous.


Went to one in shoreditch recently, it was awful, I couldn’t believe it.

As above - the timeout one in Lisbon is amazing.

Generally though, I prefer a market.

In fairness, that is a bit of a simplification of the plans.

The radcliffe one is run by a co-operative, is pretty good and shows what can be done, in a struggling space.

The article is mainly getting a bit sniffy about the way they’re delivered in London, and then just steaming into the concept at full Guardian ramming speed.

There are more balanced articles on the pros and cons to be found

like a beer festival but with cereal

reckon this is a goer

The Kerb markets are all really good, even the foodhall which isn’t cheap but is genuinely good quality. Highly recommend the sandiwches at Monty’s Deli - lost his restaurant this year but still going in smaller locations.

I don’t know if Kerb are a proper collective but they run an incubator for new talent, help find members find private work, and help develop markets in new areas rather than using the talent as contractors who raise the value of the land and the business. Would definitely recommend.

You take the north, I’ll take the south. Let’s make millions.

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Think that might be the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen

Hate that the one in Lisbon is owned/sponsored by Time Out

It’s also not that good and full of tourists (when I was there I was obviously not a tourist)


Untrue it is great

Hated this - I’ve not read the article yet, but surely that was the epitome of a corporate food hall. Fucking adverts everywhere, only corporate beer in the main bars, and stag dos and other tourists, when there is a whole city of beautiful independents to enjoy. Admittedly the food and drinks were tasty and the building beautiful, but the format - no thanks.

Gonna level with you and say that’s one of the more important qualities in a food hall to me


But with the “hall” part closely behind, right?

There should really be publicly funded food halls in every major town/city, open late with cheap and healthy food available


Like £2 for a square meal. It’ll be a tame veggie chilli but what’re you gonna do.


Would love to hear which galaxy brain thought a boxpark development of all things is what Barry needs most?

i had an absolutely banging chilli burger in there last summer, 10/10 would hall again

Once size food hall