Food Ideas

I envisaged this thread as a space where we could share whatever crazy ideas/ combinations that cross our mind and users could say whether they’re a good idea or not.

So, I’ll go first: recently, I thought you could take a chorizo ring, thread calamari rings along it like shower curtain hooks, and then bake it for a shared starter.

Has this already been done before? Would people go for it?


I keep trying to pull off duck kievs with cherry sauce as the filling and a pistachio crumb instead of breadcrumbs. Haven’t nailed it yet but I’m convinced it would be awesome.


Double decker Rustlers burger with the added spare rib thing.

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I do like duck and cherry. Pistachio sounds interesting. What has been going wrong so far?

An inability to get the sauce to stay within a duck breast in a manner which lends itself to then being baked without it leaking everywhere…

I don’t know if this will ever work, but I want you to know that I am willing you to succeed


But… but… the crispy skin? I’m not sure about that.

When I’ve attempted it before I’ve removed the skin and crisped it up independently to the rest of the breast.

Good lad. Crispy duck skin shards for the win.

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you can’t cover it in pistachios shirley

that’s too many

Don’t tell my auntie what she can and can’t do with her pistachios

Kind of a pistachio/breadcrumb combination innit.

Made a chili lasagne once: chili con carne between layers of pasta and bechamel, crumbled tortilla chips on top. It was :ok_hand:

This is the sort of fusion I was hoping for in this thread.

Did the béchamel and the chilli go together?

i’ve done a haggis lasagne before (can’t take credit for inventing it)

was alright

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I find it hard to believe it was just alright. Haggis makes everything taste better. Yes, everything.

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I’ve done black pudding ‘bolognese’ before. Pretty good.

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Did I ever tell you about the day I had haggis for all three meals?

Yeah, pretty well - probably used slightly less bechamel than on a normal lasagne, but it was a nice combo.

Loads of grated cheese in with the tortilla crumb topping obv!