Food items you thought were gone forever, but they aren't



just seen some montana bars

will also accept items that have returned due to overwhelming demand and social media campaigns, e.g. wall’s funny feet lollies or burton’s fish’n’chips.



Oh there was a food I thought this about the other day but I can’t remember what it was. I’ll get back to you once I remember.



I loved Blue Ribands. They were a bit shite but handy to have as an emergency option in the biscuit tin.


bought some recently thinking “these are a bit shit so i’ll have some self control and eat them slowly”

still ate them in one evening. the shittiness almost adds to the flavour


All 8 in one evening?! Fucking hell mateee


they’re only small

i think i managed to save about 2 for the next afternoon actually





i know :frowning:

need to shift the belly i’m getting


Absolutely. I could totally eat a whole packet.

Are these still around I wonder? Riva bars. So much better than a Blue Riband.


fucking hell, huge childhood flashbacks right now


pretzel flipz


Had a Wham bar the other day, was biting my cheeks from the sugar for hours later


someone left one in a draw at work recently, nobody knows who left it there. it’s a mystery. nobody has moved it in case someone was saving it for later.