Food me


Forum, forum forum. Please tell me what to eat for lunch.

The only requirement is that I have to fill my car up at some point in the hour.

Thanks, forum. Thorum.


I am going to have another salad I expect. And a yogurt or something.


This is equal parts useful and not. I know it’s the sort of thing I should be eating, but I also like deep fried animals.


I’m going to get Salad and sit in the sun
Maybe a cheeky gyoza too as it’s payday.




Go get some chips and eat them sitting on your bonnet, music blaring.


pork pie


omg there was free ice cream!!!


I am eating a lasagne.


Game changer. Where?


feel like i’ve eaten from every cafe around like 10 times, dunno what to get. probably some avocado bullshit.


the cafe at my place of work!!

downside is i’m having to eat it before i eat my salad.


Cauliflower & quinoa salad: chargrilled cauliflower, quinoa, pomegranate, toasted almonds, curried maple dressing, tahini yoghurt




Did you make the curried maple dressing if so recipe please

I am all about funky dressings at the moment


Chicken salad


Pastrami, cheese and sauerkraut bagel.

Bag of wheat crunchies




Just walked all around highbury & islington looking for something i wanted to eat but gave up and came back to work and got a brie sandwich from the canteen. smh.


pie, chips and beans