Food Poisoning, etc...

How quickly is it possible to feel ill after eating food (assuming that you don’t spot something rank mid-scran, etc)?

Why sometimes do you feel sick and other times you have a…bad stomach, etc?

What’s the science behind whether you get one or the other, or both - is it just a reaction with your stomach acid vs a reaction with the lining of your intestine?


It depends as different foods cause different reactions. Can take a couple of days at least sometimes to feel effects

Sometimes i eat food and feel ill within minutes. Is that even possible? Seems unlikely, but if you ate, say, a raw chicken breast i imagine you’d be spewing pretty quickly, no?

I think minutes is likely to be too soon. As far as I am aware with chicken, the bacteria comes from the skin and how its handled (which is why pink chicken is sometimes perfectly safe) this gives a raw chicken recipe


If you feel ill within a few minutes of eating something then that sounds like an intolerance or an allergy.

I had a chicken takeaway once and was feeling ill within an hour. Unfortunately it was on an evening where I had pulled and instead of having fun times in the bedroom I was having foul/fowl times in the bathroom.


Food poisoning isn’t just one illness, it can be various things, and can take between a couple of hours and 2 weeks to appear. Most of the time there’s not really any way to know if your illness was caught from food and if so, what, short of getting a proper diagnosis/reporting it to EHO.

I used to take complaints about food including illness complaints at a previous job. I don’t remember any occasions where it was confirmed or even looked likely that the complainant was right that the thing they thought made them ill actually did.

The worst food poisoning I had kicked off about 3 days after some dodgy fish I ate, took me days to get over that. I have a feeling the really bad stuff sits there brewing in your gut before exploding out in all directions. The times I woke up shitting after a dodgy takeaway tended to sort itself out more quickly.

Rare chicken is a lot more risky than rare beef/lamb (which are safe, apart from rare burgers) - don’t do it!

It can definitely be almost instant.

A favourite holiday memory of mine was in Cuba at an all inclusive resort which had 3 on site restaurants but all basically served the same meal from the same kitchen. Within about an hour of dinner the staff were racing around on golf buggies that they used to ferry luggage about, loading the buggies up with people who were green and vomiting and quite literally chucking them outside their rooms and then racing back for more people. It had all the hallmarks of the pie eating contest in Stand By Me.

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Oh yeah I am absolutely not recommending anyone tries it!

I’m too safe when it comes to food, I’ll over cook it on a higher heat/temperature than advised to make sure it’s fine