Food Poisoning Thread

Eaten something dodgy yesterday.

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Went to either a wedding or funeral in Wales. Got poisoned. Was sick.

Never had it. Been very lucky.

Get well soon, NV.

Had it quite bad recently. Stomach kept going during the night and had a…10-15 second window to get to the toilet. Eventually i nodded off and was only woken up by a very warm feeling the next morning, and a few times after.

The first time I had spaghetti bolognese I got food poisoning and couldn’t eat it again for ages.

I pretended to have it when I came back from Marrakesh.



Ex’s dad brought some duck bacon with him when he visited. Didn’t tell us until after we’d stuffed our faces with it that he hadn’t made any effort to keep it chilled on the drive from Scotland to Oxford.

Spent most of the next night shitting out my spleen while throwing up into the bucket I was hugging in my lap.

Caught something when I was on holiday in Tunisia with a couple of mates 5 years ago. Spent pretty much the entire holiday on the toilet - I’m sure more came out that week than ever went in.

Went to the doctor in the resort who gave me an injection into my arse cheek, some 1000mg paracetamol and these awful things:

The highlight of the entire ordeal was shitting my pants as I was throwing up (on my birthday, too) - It goes without saying the whole saga has become a long running joke, that I will never be allowed to forget and my best man of course brought it up in his speech at my wedding :smiley:

Wasn’t right for ages after I got home either - Settled down within a week or so to the point where I was at least able to eat/drink and keep it inside me, but my guts were a state for 6 weeks or so.

Wish I’d gone to the doctor after getting home just to find out what was actually wrong with me.

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I went with my then-TV to my first Michelin star restaurant for our anniversary. Amazing food, quite terrifying bill, then on the bus on the way home (from London to Oxford) started to feel funny. Got off the bus and realised I was about to shit myself, so RAN the 15-minute walk home, and made it to the toilet with around a half second to spare (I’m not exaggerating). Then spent the next 4 days in or within 4 seconds of the bathroom. Terrible.

I’ve never had a bad food poisoning episode, but on a friday night at the student union we had one pint of their £1/pint lager, and all of us had to rush to throw up, only to find dozens of other students doing the same. We puked, walked upstairs and started on the bottled drinks.

I read something recently that said when people complain about food poisoning at restaurants an hour or so after leaving, its more likely something they ate before going to the restaurant. something about bugs taking 9 or so hours to start working.

I’m honestly thinking of just sticking to dry foods from now on. Been ill so many times off meat and fish and, idk, other wet shit. Might just stick to bread and crisps and crackers, etc.

Spent 7 days shitting and puking in a nice hotel room in Bulgaria. Most sick I have ever been in my life. Mustered the energy to go for a walk in the woods on day 8 as wanted to experience some holiday, came across an old woman taking a shit on the public pathway in the woods about 15mins into walk. Won’t be hurrying back

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probably had some line cleaner in the line.

15 years old and went on holiday to Austria with the family. Was sharing a room (and toilet) with my brother. Hotel put on a traditional meat fondue evening and served the raw, bloody meat on the same plates as the salad and potatoes. Now obviously this is a stupid thing to do and obviously I know better now, but we ate everything. Sharing a toilet when you both have horrendous v & d is definitely not ideal. The hotel brought us anti-diarrhoea tablets and they were suppositories :thinking::-1:

Then there was the time a got ill at a conference in Edinburgh and lost 3 days of my life :nauseated_face:

only had one incident tbh that involved a tesco pork pie. ended up with me trying to get to the loo at 2am but passed out on the way, smashing my head on the side of my desk in the process.

Had an inevitable three-day bout when in India, unfortunately coincided with climbing a mountain, ended up shitting in the middle of a tea plantation, then again in some dude’s outdoor loo which was just a hole in the ground.

Shat (into the toilet) while vomiting (into a bin) as well at one point. End of days stuff.

Never had it. Cast iron stomach, apparently.

If only I’d been as quick thinking, it would have saved me from a life of ridicule from my pals