Food poisoning


I was pretty worried today that I’d get poisoning- had some chicken last night that looked pink in the middle - it was hot though and it was a dark place we were in so it may’ve been more brown (it was meat near the bone) but I was nervous - seem okay thus far. I’m always dead nervous of getting poisoning, to the extent that when I do cook I always do it overdone to “make sure”

When did you last get it, where from, what did you eat, how long did it take to come on?


I’ve got guts of steel mate. Pretty sure I could eat raw-chicken/pork etc with no ill effects.


man. you would know if you have food poisoning because you would be very, very ill.


big words them Ant, you should go on that Stephen Mulhern show with this talent and see how much you can scoff




You Bet


yeah I know, I’m just extending the question to others


remember when Catchphrase got a new host and he broke his leg in the first week


About 4 years ago in Tunisia.

Think I caught cholera or something. Spent pretty much the entire holiday on the toilet, it was like a tap.

I’m sure more came out that week than ever went in. My guts weren’t right for about 3 weeks after I got home either.


Something i’ve always wondered is what’s the science behind different types of illness after food. Sometimes it’s just stomache ache and the shits, other times just vomitting, the really bad times both…


it depends doesnt it on what bacteria is affecting you? your body rejects it in different ways and depending how uncooked it is/what you’ve eaten, iit’ll be different levels/types of bacteria


6 years ago. Ate a dodgy sausage from a vendor at some burger stand. Had the runs very, very badly. No vomiting.

Think I’ve had food poisoning something like 3 times in my life.


We went to Winchester overnight and my boyfriend said his nan used to make him cracker sandwiches with butter and cheese (i know gross) for car journeys so I made those. We ate a few on the way down there.

The next day, we got in the car and got peckish so i remembered I still had a few cheese crackers left so we both ate one each and drove home. By that evening, I had been sick. It was bank holiday and the bf went to golf to play in a competition and held back the sick the whole time. Then he threw up on the street on the drive home.
I was sick for about 4 days and he was sick for 2. Constant vomiting, diarrhea, waves of sickness. Easily the worst sick related illness i’ve had. Took me about 2 weeks to feel 100% better after that.

Worst thing was we went to a seafood restaurant the night before and thought it may have been from there so wrote to them and everything…then a few weeks later realized it was from the simple cheese crackers.


sorry, but there is no way that the cheese and crackers gave you food poisoning. no way at all



Lake (of poo) shattle and soil?


Few weeks ago. Leftover pork meatballs from the work canteen. Thought they looked a bit pink at the time but assumed they knew what they were doing. Nope.

Was supposed to be going to a Netrunner tournament the next morning, so got up and showered and got ready to leave if I felt up for it. Gf came downstairs to tell me I was being daft because she’d seen the state I was in overnight, and found me with my head down on the kitchen table, clutching my stomach and moaning “my insides hurt”. I didn’t go.

Took the best part of a week to feel 100% after that.




Don’t think I’ve ever had proper food poisoning.

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Prolly about 8 years ago. Had a pizza at 3am after a night out. Woke up the next day feeling dodgy as fuck but went into work at M&S all the same. My manager saw me chucking up in the sink in the food hall office and bluntly said ‘can you go and put some ambient out please’. Everyone thought I was hungover, I wasn’t.


There have been some pretty high profile cases of food poisoning caused by herbs or spices…but yeah, pretty much always meat or fish. I’d have thought it quite unlikely crackers would cause such serious symptoms.