Food processor/blender recommendations (Nutribullet chat NOT welcome)


I have one of these (it was a gift):’INN---2L-JAMIE-OLIVER/csp/8000033627

I dislike it, mostly because after you’ve blended your stuff, it’s really really hard to get the vessel off the top because the blade bit gets stuck on, and it’s only a matter of time before this ends up with pomodoro sauce all over my kitchen.

What you rocking? I would like something that is

  • Easy to remove the vessel off the top after blending your stuff
  • Easy enough to clean (mine is permanently sticky)
  • Preferably not endorsed by Jamie Oliver

Obviously not no, it goes straight into the dishwasher.

I have a little magimix thing that works fine for me.

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Also if you’re about to recommend me some Greggg Wallace one I’d really rather you didn’t.

Do you happen to know Jamie Oliver’s opinion of it at all?

#nutribulletsquad REPRESENT


He fucking HATES it, mate.

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We’ve got this

It works. We also have a stick blender so up yours

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we’ve got a morphy richards thing from a few years ago. it’s fine, can’t complain - it even works after it fell off the draining board due to the washing machine’s vibrations, and the handle thing came away from the rest of the unit. we thought it was broken but it still works fine.

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we got one of these as part of an offer a few years ago. we already had a jug blender, so just put it away until we needed it. Last week, after about 16 years with my old blender, I finally decided the slight leaking was enough to retire it and I got this one out. I’ve so far been really impressed. Easy to use, opening it doesn’t drip as much as on my old one, so you can blend, open, close again and repeat without getting blend everywhere. might break after 2 weeks, idk.

we also have a phillips food processor though - it’s not a one stop shop.

I have a nutribullet


Can’t see why you’d hate on a nutribullet

  • It’s small
  • Everything goes in the dishwasher
  • Does everything
  • Not expensive

People are scared of them, meows. Absolutely cowardly, despicable humans are scared of them.

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They are neither nutrients nor bullets. How can you trust something like that?

Got one of these bad boys. Decent/10

Edit: I am @Aggpass. Same food processor and also a stick blender man as well


Because I want to make actual food and not just nonsense smoothies.

What kind of actual food?

I use mine for actual food. It’s exactly the same as any electrical thing with a blade in.


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You could use a knife

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