(food-related) Question for the DiS brain trust

It’s generally accepted that eating leftover rice is a no-no after a day or so. So why is it ok to re-heat those instant-rice pouches? they’ve been pre-cooked.

Not sure about the rice pouches but if you’re making proper egg fried rice then it’s usually done with rice that was cooked the day before.

Eating left over rice is fine providing you stick it in the fridge shortly after its been cooked

i did this, but now my question is - if i carry it around in a lunchbox for the day is it still ok to eat

I wouldn’t reccomend it as leaving rice in room temperature is when the bacteria that causes the food poisoning with rice spreads.

Guess they’ve been cooked and cooled in a way that means they can be then eaten at room temp.

As someone.who had been very ill from rice based reheating I don’t do it.

I do often tip pouches into a salad and eat at room temp…is fine.

content not available - is there some kind of way that they make the pouch rice free of the bacteria issue?
i microwaved some instant rice last night and left it in the fridge overnight but now i’m wondering if i should eat it (been in a lunchbox since morning). It was instant rice if that makes any difference

They remove the bacteria from the rice so it shouldn’t be contaminated


ah nice. cheers!

Is it not that the bacteria can only spread/form/whatever in open conditions over 5°?

If so they probably cool and vacumn pack, no?

i think they put the rice in a bowl of rice


Really dislike those rice pouches, it’s like the rice is covered in a slimy film

Like Ghostbusters?


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