Food that is invariably better heated up but you can't be arsed


Sausage rolls.

There has to be more.


Those scotch pancakes you get in supermarkets. Croissants too maybe?


Can definitely be arsed with this. See also: pain au chocolat


the fuck? you heat them up?


Prefer a cold sausage roll myself tbf tbh


Cold pizza’s great but nobody goes oh let’s just wait for this to cool down, hot pizza is always King.


nobody is reheating leftover pizza though, surely?


Might nuke it but very rarely, that’s true.


Croissants yes but I think those pancakes are almost inedible when not heated up. Almost.


Probably been done before, but heating up plates for hot food:

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Gotta have a warm croissant.




of course that’s a given.

I meant the fucking scotch pancakes


Ordinarily I don’t. But. Cut one in half, stick a load of cheese and ham in the middle and put it in the oven for 10 minutes and… you are laughing.


My fiancée’s mum does this. I can never understand why


Ginsters Peppered Steak Slice


leftover chinese takeaway.


Well pardon me.




you mean chicken wings from the chicken house?

they invariably get binned the following morning if I don’t finish them off. grim af.