Food that is totally fine past its sell by date

I had some macaroni cheese this evening and I wanted a little bit of extra cheese to go on top. I looked in my fridge and I came cross a block of cheese that apparently had expired in March. Admittedly it was unopened but suffice to say it was absolutely fine and I was quite surprised, so, without further ado, please name your top items of food that are absolutely fine well after their sell by date. Caveat if it’s chicken please do not ignore the sell by date.

none of them

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Any tin

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Ate a yoghurt today that was dated 2/5. Was one of those ones that’s meant to help digestion or whatever, so either way, it’ll work.


If I see food has a label showing its out of date I can’t eat it. Just a psychological thing I can’t get over no matter how much I know it’s silly.


Anything that says Best Before rather than Use By really.


started typing an incredibly boring and pedantic post about what a “sell by” date actually is and then remembered that i’m not at work and also that nobody cares


Weirdly as someone with 1001 issues around food this isn’t something that bothers me at all. Unless there’s like visible mould, I’m down.

(I don’t eat meat, though! Unlikely anything I have is going to poison me.)

Guys I’m normally very very strict about sticking to use by dates, but… I cooked some chicken tonight that had today’s use by date - I’m not going to die if I have it for lunch tomorrow, will I?

Reckon this thread has a good chance of properly kicking off tomorrow btw

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no that’s fine. you just need to cook it by the end of the use by date, then you can consume it in whatever timeframe you would normally eat cooked chicken, eg 2-3 days

Depends. Bit funny with fish and meat that’s more than a couple of days gone, but everything else is fair game.

Most dairy’s usually good for at least a week after the sell-by date.

I’ve accidentally used spices and condiments that were a year or two out of date. Nobody died.

Really? Did not know that.

Got some chipshop style curry sauce mix that’s two years past it’s BBE and still going strong.


You’re safe enough using your senses as well nine times out of ten. If it looks okay and smells okay it will almost certainly be okay. I mean, there’s always some sort of chance anything, particularly fresh food, might be contaminated or contain harmful levels of bacteria obviously, but…


Yoghurt is one that I’ve recently started ignoring the date on, especially if unopened.

I pretty much ignore them all though really if it’s not for the kids. Prefer to go on what it smells, looks or feels like. Except chorizo. That was a mistake I won’t repeat (also might have helped if I cooked it)

It’s a running joke in my family about how out of date some of the stuff at the back of my mum’s cupboards are, I think the record was some marmite that was 15 years old. It was fine.

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Almost all of them.

Get very sad when I think properly about food waste.


Canned meat basically lasts forever doesn’t it? Seems odd that you could eat corned beef from a cow your grandfather petted as a boy but there we are


There’s been an open carton of oat milk in my mum’s fridge for about a year now, the only action it sees is contributing a splash to a cup of tea when I’m round there approx once ever three weeksish, still as fresh as the day it was coaxed from oat’s teet.


chorizo is a funny one…unless it was fresh and needed cooking, that shit will stay good for ages.