Food thread: ingredients that should never go in particular dishes

I’ll start with one we can all agree on: you should never put cream in a carbonara sauce.

Looking forward to your contributions. Comedy answers will be tolerated.

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My wife had chocolate and blue cheese over some steak in Havana. Would not advise.

Chorizo in Paella (@jamieoliver to thread)

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isn’t carbonara just eggs and cream

Not sure about chocolate in savoury dishes per se. “Oh it’s got a surprise twist in it!” “What’s that?” “Dark chocolate” “oh”

Fuck off you cunt!

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Eggs, white wine, parmesan, a bit of butter, pancetta (though bacon is fine imo) and seasoning. No cream!

sounds dry


Well MY wife had curry on pasta in Valletta. Would not advise.

I imagine a bit of cream in it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I only imagine it as I don’t cook or eat carbonara as I’m an adult.

Fuck off you cunt!

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Chocolate in a chilli

waits for backlash

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I do:
1 egg per portion + 1 additional yoke
pancetta (ocassionally my one addition/break from tradition will be to fry a little bit of diced red onion with the pancetta)

Full eggs or egg yolks?

I strongly disagree with putting full eggs in. I only ever put egg yolks.

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Yeah it’s a bit Sainsbury’s innit.

Did that actually happen though?

Cheese melts; butter melts; white wine is liquid; egg thickens but doesn’t solidify. Not sure how it’d be dry!

Yes it did. At the Quayside.

I do a mix, find it gets a bit too thick with just yokes, not rich enough with just full eggs, so do like 2 eggs plus a yoke

nae cream is how