Food Thread

Hiya. I’ve currently got some halloumi and fake chicken in the oven. Gonna make a delicious sandwich type thing with them and some veg etc. Anyone eating anything good today? How about food plans for later?


yeah might griddle the shit out of some halloumi later isn’t it

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No time for dinner tonight. Sad face.

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How are you going to eat it

Need something quick so think I’m going to do some Linda Mac burgers


probably like this:

whack some spinach on a plate
put some rocket on top of that
then some cous cous (it isn’t plain, don’t worry, i’ll add some spring onion and sweetcorn and sun-dried tomato and stuff with it)
then i’ll griddle some posh red peppers and whack them on top
then the halloumi
might put some falafel on the plate
probably some hummous too

BOOM: dinner


Udon noodles with mushrooms and wakame in miso broth

Sounds very very nice.

@Ruffers: I don’t think I’ve actually tried the burgers.

The mushroom ones are top notch

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:pizza: :pizza: :pizza:

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Stir fry is the plan.

Gonna have a look in the company shop after work and see if there’s anything a bit more interesting.

None. Currently wondering what to make

Do have haloumi so could copy you, with couscous and done roasted veg, bit of tahini

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Go fo it! Halloumi party!

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What is a doppleganger’s favourite kind of cheese?

Idk, mild cheddar.

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What sort of cheese is MADE backwards?


Surely you mean gone off cheese

Oh my.


Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory?

Yes, it was horrible. Many people died.