Food Thread


(post must be…)

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chicken* quesadillas for tea, gonna pick up a couple beers too

Did you hear about the cheese detective

He never caught anyone, there were always too many holes in the case

It’s all about the mozzarella Linda m burgers for me ruffers.

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I absolutely don’t get this

I avoided the obvious punchline (halloumi) out of obtuseness

Someone needs to go try this ASAP

I’m going to make spag bol so i guess fuck you all

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Just had most of a punnet of apricots

going for pizza with o pai. :ok_hand:

Planning on going to Mildred’s tonight with the family. Bit annoying that they don’t do reservations but it won’t be too busy on a Thursday, will it?

gonna make bean burgers for tea.

got any good bean burger recipes?

I sometimes like to make a sauce with yoghurt, lime, mango chutney and coriander to go with them.

what side dishes and or accompaniments should i have though?