Food waste

With the cost of living crisis and all that, I thought it might be useful to have a thread to discuss food waste and maybe share some ideas on how to reduce it. I’m definitely not as good at this as I’d like to be! But here are a few things I do

  • I freeze chicken bones and other meat offcuts to use to make stock. Sometimes I freeze carrot peel too but I’m not as reliable at this as I should be
  • I use broccoli stalk (with the outer peel cut off) in soups. We eat more broccoli than soup at the moment though so maybe I should try just cooking it in with the broccoli?
  • I found out recently that you can freeze beansprouts (blanch first if you cba), which is great because it’s rare for us to get through a whole bag before they go off

What about you?

I prefer the broccoli stalk to the floret bit in lots of recipes…especially in slices in pasta, so tasty, very good with gnocchi. Also that Jamie Oliver green mac and cheese is a great recipe for just using up every bit of green veg like that too if you ignore sticking to it exactly.

If you chop a little slice off the end off a bunch of celery and then put the bunch in water in a vase or something it lasts for AGES. Weeks and weeks.

Lots of ends of veg like onions and that you can grow new ones from just putting the bottom bit in water but this never leads to anything for me, but if you have more patience it might.

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I slice and freeze celery (or at least, always intend to). I only use it for making stock so the texture doesn’t matter, but it’d probably be OK for soups or stews

When I open a packet of feta I’ve started transferring it into a small Tupperware pot of saltwater, otherwise I find it goes off within about a week. If you brine it, it’ll last ages.

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Not thrown any food away since I joined Gousto.


What do you do with this?

Use it to make stock, along with chicken bones etc


Yeah i just throw all veg offcuts in a bag on the freezer and use to make stock.

Think you can blanche and freeze almost any veg.

The trick putting in a vase/vessel with a bit of water works on basil/herbs too.

Kinda just make a big stew/soup and freeze with any veg i cant think what to with from veg box or toward the end of the week after got it and freeze.

Can freeze ginger and chilis and stuff.

Yeah so basically work try to remember to freeze anything your not gonna use.