Food wishes

I am currently wishing for a Dominoes pizza. Probably their veggie offering. I may fulfill my wish on Thursday night because it’s a bank holiday here

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Haven’t had a Nando’s for about three years now. Really want one.


I wish there were more sandwich shops in the Netherlands

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Too many to name but a decent Chinese takeaway would be very high on my list right now.

Would quite like to share some Belgian frites in Belgium. The offer to share is open to everyone


What sauce would you get first?

I think about this an insane amount

Just mayo. Is the only (and I mean only) time I eat mayo on it’s own.


I’ve given up takeaway for Lent and my oven broke so I am craving chips so much.


I’d kill for a chippy :frowning:

Cheesy curry chips. In my dreams


One of the fancy doughnuts from the Italian place in town.

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a Panchos burrito

Battered sausage supper chips and cheese pleese

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I wish mushrooms and cucumbers would forever be banished from the kitchens of this earth.


Username is inaccurate

fish n chips
indian food
chinese food
pork pie
sausage rolls
sausage and mash
cheese and onion walkers

fuck this country.


Pringles that somehow didn’t make me fat(ter).

Could really go a doner meat & chips.

Desperately craving Thai food, there’s nowhere decent round here since the local packed up :sob: