Food with the best/worst texture


Best - macadamia nuts, literally perfect balance between crunchy and creamy and basically the best
Worst - meat gristle, and the stringy bits of chicken wings


Best - Crispy cheesy top on a pasta bake
Worst - Cooked apple


Best - Slow cooked pork
Worst - Beans/Chickpeas


Like a squashy apple or apple sauce in general?


Best - pizza
Worst - water chestnut


Are we talking mouthfeel?


Apple pie/crumble. Mushy, awful, horrible muck.


Ooh i forgot about water chestnuts, they ruin perfectly good spring rolls


Actually this is bollocks, best is slow cooked beef ribs or something like that.


Best - sourdough bread crust
Worst - tripe




Best - Crisps, nuts, anything crunchy. Actual Crunchies.
Worst - Grilled/roasted tomato (but the taste’s good so whatever)


best - apple crumble/custard
worst - pomegranate


Best: Fruit crumble, the crunchy bits of fried rice, slightly scorched cheese, the base of a cheesecake.

Worst: mushroom




best - lasagna
worst - a really mealy apple


Best - minced beef
Worst - undercooked aubergine


ooft yeah, aubergine. :nauseated_face:


Fuck pomegranates. They’re shit.


Best - melting / melted chocolate
Worst - bacon fat or mushy peas